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Past Reviews

"I use Great American Chem Dry exclusively for multiple properties, both my own and rentals. Kevin always answers first ring. I can typically get them out in just a day or so. Rafael and Aaron are great communicators, knowledgeable, and do a great job. I admit I was skeptical about a non-steam service, but proof is in the pudding and my carpets sparkle! Also, especially in wetter weather, I cannot have a carpet take a couple days to dry. Chem Dried carpets are dry in a couple hours.  After reading various comments here I would just encourage people to be clear about stains or pets so they can give an accurate estimate. They use an amazing pet product, but it costs so find that out when you call.  I don't like surprises, and I have found this company to be consistently fair and honest."

- Melanie S. of Chula Vista, CA


"I love Great American Chem-Dry! These guys came on time, worked hard, and left my carpet and couch spot free and smelling great. I love that nothing is soaking wet, and usable again in a short time. I will definitely call them again!"

- S M. of San Diego, CA


 "Aaron and Star, the guys that came out to clean my mattress (a Tempur-Pedic), were friendly and professional.  They did a fantastic job on the mattress, so I asked them if they could also clean the bedroom carpet and stairs.  I wasn't certain of the results at first (the carpet was really dirty and it is hard to see how it came out until it fully dries), they assured me they would come back if I was not happy.  After the stairs dried I was extremely happy.  All the foot traffic marks were gone!  The bedroom (the worse of the two areas) was still a little dingy looking, so I called Kevin and right away he made an appointment for the guys to come back.  Arron worked very hard on the trouble spots and it looks much better.  I should mention it is berber carpet which is very difficult to keep clean and ever harder to get clean after it is dirty. Easily 5 stars on customer service!"

- Shannon B. of Oceanside, CA

 "Boy these guys know how to get soiled and greasy carpets clean. I have had some cleaning done before by a chem dry company and remember they got all the grimy oil like spots out. I restore old cars so am hard on carpets.They use a floor like polisher with a white terry cloth to absorb there special chemicals they spray down and let sit awhile. I have tried steam type cleaning but they never have gotten all the stain and grime out so I stick with these folks as they always get my carpet completely clean. Plus they came out the same day I called, workers were Mike and Aaron, and I live in Clairemont."

- Lance H. of San Diego, CA

 "I needed to get carpets cleaned, as I put my house on the market.  Kevin was very responsive, and even able to squeeze in an appointment at the end of his day! He was great to work with, knowledgeable, friendly and thorough and the price was very reasonable.  The carpets looked so much better after he was done! Though he also offered to come back out if there was anything I wasn't happy with as it took about a day to fully see the effects of the cleaning.  I'd highly recommend him, and would hire him again!"

- Kirstin H. of San Diego, CA

 "I encountered a Great American Chem-dry truck in my neighborhood this morning when the driver stopped me to ask me if I knew who the dog he had just found wandering on the Main Street belonged to. Josh and Kyle had him in the truck and didn't want to leave the neighborhood until they found the owner. I directed them to the main office of the development where they found out the address of the owners. On their way they stopped and updated me and noticed I had a flat tire. They told me they would drop the dog off and return to help me change it. They came back a few minutes later, changed my tire and refused to take anything for their time. They said they were happy to help and it was their pleasure to do it. They could not have been kinder or more professional...the kind of guys you would want to hire for any service in your home. You should be extremely proud to have hired such wonderful people who's first instinct is to go above and beyond to help others. They saved a dog and a clueless girl from further damaging her car, all within 30-45 minutes. Very grateful to them and will be calling Great American Chemdry for sure the next time I need my floors or upholstery cleaned!"

- Lara D. of La Jolla, CA

 "I was very skeptical about carpet cleaning services, but one of my good friends recommended Great American Chem-Dry to me. David, one of their thecians, came to my house and explained everything that needed to be done in detail, which I wasn't used to alot of places just try and scam you and do unnecessary work. He did exactly what I needed for the price I can afford. My house turned out beautiful smelling great and dried quickly.  They do a five star job no questions asked! I found my go to guys."

- Suzzane R. of San Diego, CA

 "Kevin called prior to the appointment time to confirm his arrival time. He arrived early and worked diligently leaving our carpets remarkably clean.  I asked for additional quotes on other household cleaning.  He provided fair pricing so I requested that he clean our sofa.  The sofa also turned out freshly deodorized and very clean.  I highly recommend Great American Chem-Dry and intend to use them again."

- Christina Z. of San Diego, CA

 "I just want to let everyone know what a terrific job Great American Chem-Dry did on my carpets. They are just beautiful! I also want to mention that I had pet stains, and they came back. Now they are completely gone! No hassle whatsoever. No other compant has ever been that caring of thier customer service. Try them, and you'll be glad you did!"

- Anonymous

"I have been a Great American Chem-Dry customer for many years. I love their service and trust them in my home. They always do what I ask for a reasonable price. The pet urine treatment is phenomenal. Use them and you will be happy!"

- Anonymous

"They showed up on time. They were dressed very professional and very nice. They did everything I asked them, and the carpet was like new again and dried in about 3 hours. I spent a little more for there hot extraction and it was worth it. I called a bunch of other fast drying carpet cleaners, but Great American Chem-Dry had the best prices. I will tell my friends."

- Anonymous